Camp Bedtime: Rituals At Sleepover Camp

By Louise Rachlis

It’s about stories, songs and tuck-ins, says Mari-Beth Crysler of Camp Wabikon.
“Often times counsellors of our younger cabins will choose a book to read throughout the session, one chapter each night,” she says. “Many counsellors have wonderful musical abilities and sing songs to the campers before bedtime. Counsellors check in with each camper before bed and the Section Head makes the rounds of each cabin in his/her section.”
Every night there is a “night watch fire” burning in each section, attended by two staff members. “Should campers need assistance after lights-out, they need only to peek their heads out the door and call to the staff at night-watch,” she says. “These staff members also make routine checks of the cabins under their watch during their assigned night-watch shift.”

“At Frontier Trails we have a campfire and singsong in the evening, either at the beach front, or at the camp,” says Marie Tubby of Frontier Trails.
“After our Singsong Campfire, we have some kind of a snack for the kids before heading to their dorms. In the dorms the kids have a time to get to the washroom and have a shower and brush their teeth, and then a quiet time where the counsellor might read a story, or tell a story, or sit around and talk to the kids about their day and what was so special about today, or the things they enjoyed.”
That also gives the children a chance to discuss with the counsellor “if there is anything they are having a difficulty with that the counsellor might be able to help them with as well.”

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