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Is your child crazy for pets and animals? Does any pet – cat, dog, hamster, gerbil or bird draw their attention and fascinate them? If this sounds like your child then Pawsitively Pets is the perfect camp!

Pawsitively Pets was developed to enhance and expose children to the wonderful human/companion-animal bond.
Pawsitively Pets Kids Camp is a unique camp experience designed for kids that have a love for pets and animals. Our specialized program works with children to interact with pets and the pet community to create a lifetime of memories. Our one-of-a-kind camp offers programming for kids 5 to 16 years old.

At Pawsitively Pets we understand that every child is different and has a different comfort level with pets and animals. Our programs provide an interactive, hands-on educational experience for children to explore pets and animals, build self-confidence and develop an understanding of the responsibility of taking care of a pet.

Pet ownership comes with responsibility, and we believe by teaching children the responsibility of owning a pet, we are encouraging them to develop a sense of self, and providing them with the skills to provide care and compassion to an animal. By working together with each other and the animals in a cooperative environment children in the Pawsitively Pets Programs are inspired to respect and value animals and pets.

At Pawsitively Pets we believe in offering the highest quality of interactive programming. We provide hands on interactive supervision that optimizes every childs experience with animals. Our staff ensures that we offer a safe hands-on experience that is fun and creative. We aim to help children develop a sense of compassion for pets and provide them with the opportunity to build friendship and skills, both in life and with animals.

Pawsitively Pets is committed to the health and well being of animals and giving homeless animals a second chance. A percentage of profits from all programming is donated to our chosen pet charities. In addition to your child having a fantastic camp experience, by sending your child to Pawsitively Pets, you will make a difference in the lives of pets and animals in need.

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